Thursday, August 4, 2011

Getting The Most Out of Your Exercise DVD + Physique 57 DVD GIVEAWAY!!!

This Summer has involved a lot of trips out-of-town and that has thrown my workout schedule slightly off-kilter. "Just take a fitness dvd with you," my husband will say nonchalantly, totally unsympathetic to the havoc that has been wreaked upon my exercise schedule.

Easier said than done. Working out to DVDs is very different from actually taking a class. Especially for me. I need to hear the motivating voice of an instructor pushing me, making sure I don't slack off, and telling me that I can do it. I also feed off the energy of the other class participants. If the person next to me is doing full-form push-ups that will give me the determination to do the same.

In the past I have worked out to Jane Fonda and Cindy Crawford's exercise videos (yup, this was back in the forgotten days of the VCR). Lately, however, I bring along a copy of a Physique 57 DVD when I travel abroad, and, because of the recent addition to my family, use it at home on days when I cannot make it to a class.


While a DVD is certainly not the same as a live class here are some tips on what works for me as far as getting the most out of working out to a DVD:

1. The Space: Find a quiet space. If you are like me, and have the attention span of a gold-fish, you will be distracted by everyone and everything. A door slamming shut, smells emanating from the kitchen, my husband typing on his keyboard - all distractors! This can be a problem if I am sharing a hotel room as the hubby will not be too thrilled with me hogging the television, so I try to get my workout in when he is not in the room.

2. Clothing: Wearing fun fitness apparel does wonders for my motivation. When I dress like crap, I feel like crap. So I put on a brightly colored top and a flattering pair of yoga pants and I am good to go.

3. The Workout: Obviously I feel most motivated when I stick to something I enjoy. Being a barre-fly I pack away DVDs like Physique 57's so that I can get my barre fix. If yoga is more your thing there are a myriad yoga DVDs to choose from. For hard-core adrenaline junkies, try a bootcamp DVD.

4. Temperature: The slightest thing can cause me to lose momentum when working out to a DVD and the temperature is one of them. Heat makes me uncomfortable and so I like to keep a small fan handy at home to workout next to and if I am travelling I try to exercise near a source of ventilation.

5. Props: I prefer DVDs that utilize the minimal number of props but if props are involved I try to make sure I have them or a substitute at hand. If I cannot recreate the same moves as the instructor in the DVD then I am less likely to enjoy the workout and am one step closer to turning off the DVD player. I often do not have the prerequsite props for my DVD of choice but I substitute: Filled water bottles make great hand weights, and a small, firm cushion works well enough to pass as a playground ball.

Physique 57 is one of my all-time favorite fitness classes. It changed my whole outlook to fitness when I first started doing it four years ago. I was astounded by the changes that I saw in my body once I started taking regular classes. There are currently six DVDs available. I own them all and can attest that all six will give you a killer workout but my favorite is the 30-minute Thigh and Seat Booster.

This DVD packs a challenging, lower-body intensive workout in just 30 minutes! Perfect for those of us who don't have the time or the patience to devote a whole hour. It includes lunges, leg lifts and my favorite, the Twizzler (one-legged squat where you alternate the non-standing leg from its starting position behind you to in front of you where you cross it over the standing leg-yes, it is as intense as it sounds!). Want to see for yourself what Physique 57 is all about? Check this out!

For more information on this amazing method be sure to check out Physique 57 on Facebook and Twitter which they are constantly updating with great fitness tips and the latest studio news.

Physique 57 is generously giving away a copy of my favorite workout dvd, the Physique 57 Thigh and Seat Booster, to one lucky reader.

To Enter: All you have to do is to leave a comment below telling me if you like working out to DVDs and if so, what your favorite workout DVD is.

I will announce a winner on Thursday August 11th.

*Open to residents of the Continental US only.