Workout Reviews

I love working out and have been able to sample some of the best New York city has to offer. Here are my thoughts.

Barre classes:
1. FlyBarre at Flywheel Sports
2. Physique 57 Amped-Up Abs Workshop
3. The Bar Method Soho
4. Nalini Method
5. Figure 4 at Pure Yoga
6. Core Fusion at Exhale Spa
7. Physique 57
8. Pure Barre

Spin Studios:
1. The Studio
2. Flywheel Sports: With Jesse Alexander and Danielle Devine; with Jesse Alexander; with Alison Cohen; with Alison Cohen and Ryan Makely
3. Soul Bands at Soul Cycle
4. Soul Cycle: with Danny Kopel; with Charlee Atkins

1. Barry's Bootcamp
2. Core Fusion Bootcamp at Exhale Spa
3. Warrior Fitness Bootcamp

1. Forrest Yoga at Pure Yoga
2. Ki Power Vinyasa at Pure Yoga
3. Core Fusion Yoga at Exhale Spa
4. Hot Power Yoga at Pure Yoga
5. Inner Warrior at Equinox

1. SpringTONE at Real Pilates
2. SLT
3. Pilates ProWorks
4. Chaise 23

1. Intensati for Mommies

Circuit Training:
1. Refine Method
2. Core Fusion Sport at Exhale Spa
3. Core Fusion Cardio at Exhale Spa 
4. TS Fitness
5. Stoked 360 with Kira Stokes

1. Surfset Fitness: with Ariane Hundtwith Chanelle Lagace
2. Body By Simone
3. Tonique Method