My Favorite Things in New York City

Favorite stroller-friendly restaurant: Atlantic Grill
Bringing a stroller into a restaurant provokes indignant stares from both waiters and patrons alike. No such attitude over here, a haven for upper east side moms and their stroller-cruising charges. The seafood Cobb salad is pretty awesome too!

Favorite place to meet for a drink: The Bourgeois Pig
I have been going to this place for a few years now. The red velvet sofas and the dim lighting render a boudoir feel to it and it's the only place I have had fondue at in New York.

Favorite dessert treat: Coconut cake from Cakeman Raven
Worth packing your diaper bag, slinging the baby into a carrier and making the trek down to Fort Greene, Brooklyn.

Favorite brunch spot: Buttermilk Channel
Pecan pie french toast. Enough said.

Favorite boutique fitness studio: Physique 57 and Refine Method
I am obsessed with "barre" workouts (hence the title of my blog) and have been a Physique 57 devotee for years. I recently discovered the Refine method and it has fast become one of my most favorite workouts.

Favorite spin studio: Flywheel Sports
All spin classes have paled in comparison since I first took a spin class at Flywheel. The passionate instructors, the intense climbs, the heart-pounding music and the fact that your (free) cycling shoes are waiting for you in a small cubby when you check in all make this the perfect spin experience.

Favorite place to get a facial: Jillian Wright Clinical Spa
Do not be overwhelmed by the extensive facial menu; someone will work with you to identify which facial type will work best for you. Ask for Kyra Saulnier. She is a miracle-worker and is my go-to person anytime my skin flares up.

Favorite movie theater: Landmark Sunshine Cinema
I love going to Landmark Sunshine. It always shows the most interesting art-house and foreign films. And the stadium seating ensures that you will always have a good view.

Favorite museum: The Frick Collection
Displayed in a historic townhouse on east 70th street overlooking Central Park, this collection is housed in the former residence of Henry Clay Frick, a 19th century industrialist. A very unique museum, not to be missed if ever visiting New York.