Monday, July 25, 2011

My Seven Links

The "My Seven Links" project has been going pretty strong for the past week or so. In a nutshell, its goal is to unite bloggers from all sectors in an endeavor to create a bank of posts that deserve to be re-read.

Rules are as follows: Blogger is nominated. Blogger publishes his or her 7 links on his or her blog. Blogger then nominates five more bloggers to take part. And the cycle continues.

What a fabulous idea!

Still being a bit of a newbie in this blog business, I was not expecting to be nominated. But Miranda from Working Mom Works Out nominated me and made my day, so here goes!

1. Most Beautiful post:
Cape Cod Adventures: I love New England
Visually I think this is my prettiest post. New England in the Summer is arrestingly beautiful and I felt that the pictures here were able to capture that.

2. Most popular post:
Plies and Rond de Jambs: Review of Figure 4 at Pure Yoga
This post is by far my most viewed post. I get a lot of Google traffic searching for 'Figure 4 reviews' and I suppose this post has landed me a lot of new visitors!

3. Most controversial post:
Not The Bees Knees: My Running-Related Injury
This category was hard for me. I don't really have any controversial posts.....yet. I have chosen this one because it generated a lot of comments. Which unfortunately you cannot see right now because my commenting software has hidden comments on all old posts and I cannot seem to fix it. Gah! Regardless, by sharing my injury I was able to connect with a lot of readers who had either encountered something similar or had some advice or tips to offer.

4. Most helpful post:
Winging It: The Five Things I Have Learned As A New Mom
Lists are always helpful and this post was my attempt at sharing some insight into the trials and tribulations that came with my becoming a new parent.

5. A post whose success surprised me:
What is your All-Time Favorite Book?
I should have known that most bloggers love to read. But that did not occur to me when I wrote this post and so the overwhelming number of comments really surprised me. I loved reading all the discussion among the commenters and thanks to them I have a long list of books that are begging to be read!

6. A post I felt did not get the attention it deserved:
Shaming A Smoker Into Submission
In this post I describe reacting irrationally and with anger and so I do admit that I was hoping to see more dissent in the comments! The post did have a lot of views and was retweeted a fair bit so part of the problem could have been that my commenting software briefly acted up and people were unable to comment.

7. The post I am most proud of:
A Refined Morning: My Review of the Refine Method
I started this blog primarily as a fitness blog because I am passionate about fitness and despite being a new mom I still wanted to take and review NYC fitness classes. This was one of my first reviews and it is special because after I wrote it I had so many friends and readers express an interest in taking this class. A few have even become regulars! My review is my opinion and if someone reads it and is even slightly influenced then I am humbled by that.

Now I am going to pass on the torch and nominate the following lovely ladies:

Sofia @ Insightful Appetite
Ameena @ Fancy That Fancy This
Lauren @ Foodtrainers
Amy @ Second City Randomness
Sarah @ The Stroller Ballet