Thursday, July 28, 2011

Depriving My Child

I took my little guy on a play-date recently. At that inevitable hour when all the kids decide to get fussy in unison the other moms promptly took out an array of cute and colorful toys. Unfortunately my 7-month old has not had any new toys since he was, I don't know, born?

Embarrassed, I pretended to forage in my diaper bag and found a small rattle that had been placed there months ago and handed it to him. He was not impressed. He wanted his friend's Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes musical toy whose buttons when pressed played excepts from Mozart, Beethoven and Vivaldi (pretty nifty!). But his friend would not have it and so a tug of war ensued on this poor little musical toy as I was left to wonder, hmm, am I a bad mom for not buying my child any toys?

The next day I made a trip to the toy store, marveled at how expensive everything was and proceeded to buy it anyway.

Fun toys, no? I sure thought so. My son? Not as impressed. He spent a grand total of one minute examining the new acquisitions and them moved into greener pastures.....this...

An empty jar of my husband's protein powder that was lying on our kitchen floor, waiting to be disposed of.

Since the jar is providing so much entertainment in my little baby's life I have decided to delay its disposal.

Who needs Take Along Tunes when you can have a large jar?