Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cupcakes Will Be The Death of Me

I just got back from a lovely lunch with two of my favorite bloggers, Ameena from Fancy That Fancy This and Lauren from Foodtrainers. If you don't already read their blogs you really should! It being the first time I was meeting either in person, I was too excited and engrossed in conversation to think about being a good blogger and take any pictures. Oh well!

After enjoying a nutritious and healthy lunch consisting of the stuffed  avocado salad with quinoa, zucchini, cucumbers and toasted pumpkin seeds at Candle 79, I decided to walk back home. That turned out to be bad idea. Why? Because it involved passing by Sprinkles Cupcakes. I lurked around the entrance before deciding to make a quick stop and pick up one cupcake. Sigh, I should know myself better. When have I ever bought just one cupcake? Answer: Never.

They had some seasonal flavors today which included salted caramel and summer cherry.
I decided to pick up four cupcakes: one red velvet, one salted caramel, one chocolate coconut and one dark chocolate. To share with my husband once he got home from work, ofcourse!!!

Alas, this is what the box looked like a mere 15 minutes later...

Hopefully the hubby wasn't hoping to try a bite of the chocolate coconut (bottom left corner, now deceased).

I am a fitness blogger, really, I promise. See?

Question: Obviously baked goods are a weakness of mine! What are some of yours?

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Melissa said...

Chocolate cupcakes (The Chocolate Room in Brooklyn makes a fantastic one), brownies (TJ makes a Sea Salt one that is heavenly/deadly) to name 2!

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