Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Weekend Warrior Flywheel Sports Experience

Happy New Year all! Hope everyone had did something fun to ring in the new year! This year, like every year, I sat curled up on my couch, watched the ball drop, kissed my husband while whispering "Happy New Year" (the baby was finally asleep, hence the whispering this year), and then promptly fell asleep. I'm boring and I'll be the first to admit it.

I did start off 2012 with a bang though. The 60-minute Weekend Warrior spin class with Alison Cohen at Flywheel Sports was how I started my day today. Do you think you are a strong spinner? Well, take this class and then we'll chat! I certainly thought I was strong going in. I went in thinking that it was going to be like a regular spin class, just 15 minutes longer, and so I also dragged in my newbie spinner husband, eager to utilize that additional quarter hour to burn off those extra holiday calories.

Each bike at Flywheel has an attached torqboard that riders can use to control their resistance and speed. Alison was relentless. When she had us wind our resistance upto 30 (note: a regular class usually hovers around 20 or below) and asked us to sprint to 100 rotations per minute (close to impossible for me!) within the first few minutes I thought she was crazy and it dawned on me that I had clearly misunderstood what this class was going to be about. The name of the class couldn't be clearer. This was a spin class for warriors! For the next hour I panted and puffed my way through those endless climbs and near-impossible sprints. Once it was over though, as is always the case, I felt great. Alison was sweet beyond words and I shall be back. The best part? Alison had mini-prizes for the riders that "won" the torqboard challenge (who racked up the highest numbers) but then also gave out Luna Bars to the rest of us mere mortals! A classy touch! Was fun finally meeting fellow blogger Maggie also!

Question: Did you workout today? What was your first workout of 2012?