Monday, November 14, 2011

The Hunger Games

Firstly, I am so embarrassed by the lapse between my last post and now. My life has been a whirl of midterms, term papers, and homework. Life is busier than ever and has to come to a standstill with regards to anything non-academic. I have friends I have not seen in months. The hubby and I are long due for a date night. I cannot even remember the last time I stepped into a movie theater. And ofcourse I am not getting to workout as much as I would like to.

Sigh. My four-week winter break is looking mighty appealing right about now.

On the plus side, my daily commute involves walking along Central Park South and so I have been getting to see scenes like this a lot recently....

Pretty. No?

What I am getting to do, however, is spend some time with the little guy. We celebrated our first Halloween last month and now that, at almost 11 months, he is a whole lot more responsive, we took in our first trip to the American Museum of Natural History and the Central Park Zoo (both are such treasures!).

The other thing I have managed to do is sit down and read a book. The Hunger Games. I am hooked. I must be the last person in the world to be reading it so I shall spare you a review. Is this book really targeted to middle school children?

Anyhow, the official movie trailer came out today and it looks amazing! I cannot wait to go see this in March!

Question: What did you read while in middle school? I will admit that I was going through a major Sweet Valley High phase...