Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fitness NYC-Flywheel Sports-Hint Water Event

I am relatively new to the health and fitness blogosphere but I have been reading blogs for some time now. Fitness NYC was one of the first blogs that I started reading regularly.

Melissa, the writer behind said blog writes with subtle humor and an honesty that makes her instantly relatable (and she's super-sweet in real life too!). Her detailed workout reviews, great restaurant recommendations coupled with her knack for taking the most gorgeous, coffee-table worthy pictures make for an extremely fun-to-read blog! 

Thankfully the spotty wireless internet connection at the Cape Cod bed and breakfast I was staying at a few weeks ago was functioning when I decided to catch up on my blog reading for the evening, and luckily I was quick enough to secure a spot at a spin class event she was hosting at Flywheel Sports along with Hint Water. The response for this free event must have been pretty overwhelming as there was a wait list also. 

A free spin class is not an easy thing to pass up. And especially not if it's going to be held at Flywheel Sports! One of the ways this studio sets itself apart from its competitors is the stadium seating set-up. No one's behind will obstruct your view here!

Source: Flywheel Sports

I got to the studio last night fifteen minutes before class and it was packed! After obtaining my free pair of shoes I looked around trying to spot familiar faces. 

Free spinning shoes, in all sizes. Source: Flywheel Sports

A lot of fitness bloggers and fellow fitness enthusiasts were going to be at this event and it's always hard to recognize people from Twitter pics. Luckily there were some familiar faces including Melissa, Dori. KristeneEllen, and Kate,  along with some that I met for the first time (Hi Ali and Emily!). 

A representative from Hint water was distributing bottles of the flavored water in delicious flavors like blackberry and honeydew-hibiscus and pomegranate-tangerine. I chose the watermelon flavor to hydrate myself during the ride. I liked it-it had a mild flavor and was not too sweet. I would love to try some of the other flavors.

Source: Hint water

Jesse led this class and it was so much fun. A 45-minute ride packed with sprints and climbs. A lot of moving forward and backwards and side-to-side on the bike while riding. And then there was the super upper body workout thanks to Flywheel's very own arm series using 2lbs and 4lbs body bars. I have spoken before about how important music is to me and Jesse's playlist did not disappoint. Kanye, Bon Jovi, and Prince all helped keep us focussed and motivated.

It was a great night! While the class was amazing, I especially loved meeting everyone. The health and fitness blogger community in NYC is composed of such an amazing group of women and I have really enjoyed getting to know them these past few months.

A big thank you to Melissa, Hint Water, Jesse and Flywheel Sports for a really great event!


Alison said...

Yay! So true that a spin class—especially one at Flywheel—is hard to pass up! It was so great meeting so many awesome people. Hope we can spin again sometime!

Dori said...

Once again you write a great review. I enjoyed the class too, and the music. FlyWheel is very different than the spin classes I used to take at Sports Club/LA. There, they were focused on emulating actual outdoor cycling. I liked the variety in this class and loved the arm section, although I feel they should have some heavier options! I really enjoyed my Hint water too!

sofia said...

sounds like a great class - sad i missed it! hopefully there will be another spin class with blog peeps soon :)

melissa @ fitnessnyc said...

Thanks so much for coming it was great to see you again!

Sam @ Mom at the Barre said...

Alison: I loved meeting everyone! Thanks for stopping by!

Dori: You are a warrior! The 6lbs (aggregate) body bars were enough for me. Although I do think that the arm series is usually longer than it was yesterday. Usually my arms are about to collapse at the end of it. So I'm happy with the lighter body bars! :-)

Sam @ Mom at the Barre said...

Sofia: Hopefully we can spin together soon!

Melissa: Congrats on such a great turn-out!

Ameena said...

Can you believe I've never done a spin class? I think my knee would just give out. But the sheer number of shoes in that picture makes me want to give it a shot. :)

Sam @ Mom at the Barre said...

Ameena: Give it a shot. You can always turn the resistance down so that it doesn't bother your knee. Spinning is much kinder to the knees than running!

Sarah at The Stroller Ballet said...

Sounds like an amazing class! I've just recently started getting back into spinning and I'm loving it! I've also tried that hint water and it's great!

Sam @ Mom at the Barre said...

Sarah: The Hint water flavors are so interesting! Where do you spin? If you ever decide to take a Flywheel class let me know and maybe I can join.

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