Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cape Cod Adventures: I Love New England!

New England has to be my most favorite part of the country. Granted, I still have not visited the Pacific Northwest (I have been told that I would love Portland, Oregon) but for the time being throw me into any part of Vermont or Massachusetts and I shall be content!

The husband and I just spent the past few days in Cape Cod, allowing our little guy to experience his very first beach. While it was slightly cool to actually get into the water we spent our time reading at the beach, exploring the charming neighboring villages and eating a ton of lobster! The quaint little inn we were staying at had the spottiest wireless internet connection. When I brought this up to the gentleman-in-charge he nodded, "Yes, the internet comes and goes here." He then paused and added helpfully, "There's a library though...its about 20 miles from could access the computer from there?"

Um, no. I figured the blog could be updated once I was back home!

So the highlights of the trip (most of which are ofcourse, food-related!) included the following:

*The Lobster Caesar salad at the Friendly Fisherman Restaurant in Eastham, MA

The freshest, sweetest lobster ever, thrown over crispy leaves of lettuce amidst croutons and sprinkled cheese. Divine!

*The Sandwich Glass Museum in Sandwich, MA

This was a real winner, in my opinion. Sandwich is a charming little village, with gorgeous houses and woods that seem like they are out of a fairy-tale.This was my favorite of all the villages we explored in Cape Cod, and the Glass Museum is lovely. Sandwich used to be the largest producer of glass in the world at one point and this museum commemorates that. There was a wonderful glass-blowing demonstration and some really fun interactive exhibits, including one which detailed the history of light. Of course the museum also houses the most beautiful collection of glassware..

Along with a very interesting exhibit in the ladies' rest room!

Yes, ladies, thats a breast pipe in the top shelf, along with a nursing bottle and a 'bosom shell' in the bottom shelf, circa 1850. The "bosom shell" is the glass equivalent of a present-day breast shield. Uncomfortable much, nursing ladies of the 1850s?

*The Stony Brook Herring Run in Brewster, MA

Isn't it pretty?

*The Houses in Chatham, MA and the Chatham Lighthouse

*Dinner at PB Boulangerie and Bistro, in Wellfleet, MA

Roasted chicken runs the risk of being rather bland. Not so much at this adorable little French bistro. Served with a carrot puree, it was one of the best plates of roast chicken I have ever had. Unfortunately I failed to take a picture. What I did take a picture of was the dessert- the bombolones, little balls of dough, filled with chocolate ganache, served alongside creme fraiche.

Thought I had died and gone to heaven!

*And finally, brunch at Chach, an off-the-beaten-track brunch spot in Provincetown.

This is where the locals go for some tasty grub.

I had the french toast with strawberries and lemon curd!


Now that I am back home it's back to green smoothies for me. I'm also looking forward to getting back into the workout routine, having taken a short break over this mini-vacation. I'm excited about trying a new workout in the am. Till then!

Question: Have you been to Cape Cod? What's your most favorite thing to do there?


ellen said...

So beautiful! I haven't been to Cape Cod in a few years, but may try to head up there this summer. I like to walk and bike everywhere. I tend to wander (and eat) on vacation... that's about it. That french toast looks amazing - lemon curd on there? May have to try it :)

Sam @ Mom at the Barre said...

Ellen: I loved it so much. I think I'm going to make another trip there this summer. I don't even mind the drive there, it's so beautiful.

That is lemon curd. I'm generally not a lemon fan but this was delicious-it really worked well with the french toast!

Ameena said...

I haven't been to Cape Cod but I do love Massachusetts and Rhode Island. I really do feel like I am far more suited to New England. I am a conservative stuck in a sea of liberals here in LA!

Great recap...all of your meals look divine, especially the French Toast.

Jess said...

That lobster caesar salad?? OMG looks amazing!! Cannot wait for you to return to this neck of the woods so you can come to barre n9ne with me :)

Sam @ Mom at the Barre said...

Ameena: I think the husband and I have decided that New England is where we would like to retire!

It's funny you say that because I consider myself pretty liberal but when I went to California I was suddenly the most conservative person around!

Sam @ Mom at the Barre said...

Jess: It was awesome! I thought I was being healthy by going for the salad as opposed to the lobster roll but it definitely was not healthy. So worth it, though!

Dying to try barre n9ne with you. I love how they have mommy and me classes there too!

Jerry said...

Sam... I agree with you! Having lived 11 years in the States and been to different areas of the States, I have to say my favorite areas of the State is New England. Vermont is my very first state I lived in and I graduated high school there. I just love it...The authenticity ..the Victorian houses, the bridge... I never been to Cape Cod but I wanna go there someday!!! My host family in Vermont introduced me to the song "Old Cape Cod" which I ended up playing in piano every time I go to Vermont.
How are things with you? Were you in yesterday's book club? Did you get your souvenir from Mary?
I miss you all!

Sam @ Mom at the Barre said...

Jerry: Yes, I remember you lived in Vermont. It's so beautiful there! I have not received the souvenir.

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