Saturday, March 10, 2012

Get Into The Groove: Madonna-themed Physique 57 class

Are you getting sick of my themed-fitness class posts yet? I promise I'll stop after this! I had no intention of writing about the Madonna-themed Physique 57 class but upon seeing Physique 57 instructor Stephanie Fagen's amazing get-up I decided that this had to be shared outside of the class!

Class was held at the Upper west side studio on 73rd and there was not an empty barre in sight. Madonna has that effect, it seems!

At the beginning of class Stephanie sauntered in channeling her inner "Desperately Seeking Susan" complete with patterned black tights, a mesh top, finger-less gloves and arm jewelry galore. The class broke into applause and the mood was set! We pulsed to 'Lucky Star", oblique-crunched to "Papa Don't Preach" but the highlight was definitely doing the "Vogue" dance while thigh dancing. The crowd went wild!


I am thrilled that themed classes are on an upward trend these days. Soul Cycle's been doing it for a while and Flywheel has started having themed rides on a regular basis (read about my two themed class experiences here and here). A recent New York Times article wrote about the recent surge in popularity of 'dance party workouts", which in a sense, is a themed class also, and also included Barry's Bootcamp and Kiwi Sweat in the ranks of studios adding special themed classes. Will this be a new trend?

Post-class group shot! Photo is courtesy Stephanie Fagen

Coming back to the class, I can't imagine a more fitting instructor than Stephanie for the Madonna-themed class. The girl is a tiny firecracker with boundless energy and a wicked sense of humor. Plus you can tell that she loves Madonna. For Madonna fans that missed this class there is another Madonna-themed Physique 57 class next week (Friday March 16th at 630pm) at the Spring Street studio.