Monday, May 9, 2011

Personal Bests and Firsts: Japan Day Run and Mother's Day

Yesterday I ran a 4-mile race in Central Park commemorating Japan Day. This race is special to me because it was the first race I ran when I started running New York Road Runner races two years ago. At the time, I set two goals for myself. First, I wanted to run the entire four miles without stopping and second, I did not want to go any slower than a pace of a 10-minute mile. I remember being really nervous the day before the race as I was really feeling the pressure of my pre-set goals. Luckily, the weather was gorgeous that day. As feared, I did not get a side cramp, my knee did not act up, and not only did I run the 4 miles without even stopping for water, I ran at a pace of 9:06 which is still my personal best.

The race yesterday was different. Things have changed over the last year. I have had a baby and have pretty much stopped running, or at least have not been running as regularly as I used to. As you can imagine, I am quite out-of-shape as far as running goes. The difference is evident when the pace/mile in the pre-2011 races is compared to that in the 2011 races (See Below)

So anyhow, I have reconciled with the fact that I need to become a stronger runner and so for this race my goal was to try and run without any stops and overall, just have fun, which I did. The hills on the east side of Central Park at the race start are always tough for me but once that hurdle was passed I kept a slow and steady pace and really enjoyed myself.  My pace did end up being one of my slowest but right now it's about getting the endurance back. Speed will come later. Baby steps!

After my four mile run, my husband took me and our little baby to Norma's to celebrate my first mother's day. If you have never heard of Norma's then know this, it is a New York city landmark known for its fabulous brunch and its $1000 omelette! We opted to savor more modest but equally decadent fare such as Chunks of Lobster Swimming in Cheesy Macaroni...

and the Super Moist French Toast with an Orange Infused Honey Drizzle..

Not to mention the free shot of their smoothie-of-the-day which was some guava-strawberry concoction.  De-lish! I was in a food coma for the rest of the day but it was so worth it!

Hope you all had a great Mother's Day!


Jess said...

Aw, happy (belated) first mother's day!! And congrats on a personal best, what a great weekend for you. :-)

Amber said...

That mac & cheese looks amazing. And I love your positive attitude! Looks like you had a pretty awesome mother's day.

Mom at the Barre said...

Jess: Thanks so much! Great post today, by the way!

Amber: The lobster mac'n'cheese really was sublime!

Jill said...

I think it's really hard to compare your post baby running to pre. It's going to take some time to get back into fighting shape. Major props for getting out there! I will be joining you soon as it's one of my goals to start racing again.

Norma's is one of my faves! The wait can be a pain but the food is SO worth it. Glad you had a nice Mother's Day!

Mom at the Barre said...

Thanks, Jill. I am planning to take it slow and steady with the racing.

Also, just wanted to let you know that Norma's does take reservations. I just don't have the energy to do the whole wait-two-hours-for-brunch thing anymore!

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